The AIRBRUSH technique is very complicated and demanding work which needs be carried out with utmost care and professionalism. To achieve the required quality of my work, I use the following equipment, materials and techniques.

Spray Guns
SATA, DevilBISS, HANSA and BADGER professional spray pistols.

Paints and Varnishes
For the creation of the painting itself, I use, again, exclusively the best quality paints - CREATEX, MAGIC COLOR, AEROCOLOR SCHMINCKE and other. For preparation and completion works, I use, as a matter of principle, American paints and varnishes: PPG and HOUSE OF KOLOR. For special effects, HOUSE OF KOLOR, METALFLEKE paints and, as a real speciality, real gold and silver are used.

Working Method
So as to achieve the maximum quality of the painting, I start with the preparatory undercoat layers. The paints themselves, by means of which the given motif is created, are applied on these. As the next step, up to 15 layers of the coating varnish are applied not only to protect the paint from damage but also to render it the required depth and shine. Concerning the final treatment, the varnish is polished to high shine and preservative Teflon layer is applied.

Patterns of colored gold.