The beginning of my career dates back to 1990 when I got acquainted with the AIRBRUSH painting technique for the first time. The proficiency in the technique is not a matter of several moths but several years of gathering of experience and never-ending process of improvement. Since then, I have been collecting materials with the help of some of my friends and taken deeper interested in everything that is somehow related to AIRBRUSH. After hundreds of hours of work and studying of various materials, my first paintings started to come into being. I kept sinking deeper and deeper to the secrets of AIRBRUSH and became famous among those interested in this technique. After about five years of improvement and building the background, I have almost reached the pinnacle in this field – I built special rooms such as a pressure spray booth. Only thanks to using brand-name and professional equipment, I can carry out AIRBRUSH on absolutely professional level and in the best quality. Today, I build on the 23 year tradition of the LP Airbrush Design company and in particular on the quality of works. During this time, I also took a part in various events in this field. My participation in a special training centre in Vienna was a great benefit and it pushed me forward and had a favourable effect on the quality of my work.